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  • My IKEA Pax Design (& Tips!)

    My IKEA Pax Design (& Tips!)

    Today I’m revealing my new wardrobe!! I went with a customizable IKEA PAX system and it came out SO pretty~~ and thought I’d share some tips if you’re looking to build a PAX system soon, such as: + is the IKEA PAX worth it?+ why I didn’t add doors+ IKEA pandemic…things to know+ my exact…

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  • The BEST Corned Beef Hash Recipe!

    The BEST Corned Beef Hash Recipe!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I look forward to this holiday every year for one reason and one reason only…to make my favorite corned beef hash!!! I do NOT care for corned beef but I DROOL for corned beef hash. This is my fourth year making it so I thought I would share the recipe with…

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  • My Enneagram Results! (Personality Test)

    My Enneagram Results! (Personality Test)

    I feel like the “Enneagram” is the new hot personality test that everyone is using to define themselves. I see it everywhere – in people’s bios saying how they’re a “9” or in passing conversation on how they’re such a “4” that they tend to “xxx” blah blah blah — and I never had a…

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  • 6 Years 💕

    6 Years 💕

    Hey hey! Just wanted to pop in and say it’s mine and MP’s 6th birthday!! We went to Benihana’s (my first time there!) to celebrate and I am so excited to be going on our annual Hawaii trip soon~ Love ya!

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