Moving to LA: What I Am/Not Excited About!

My start date is fast approaching meaning it is getting closer to my move date! This will be my:

  • First time not living at home with my family
  • First time working a full-time job
  • First time engaging in a long-distance relationship

Overall, I am really excited for this new chapter of my life. It is a little nerve-wracking, just because there is a lot of uncharted territory, but I am determined to have the time of my life. Here are some of my apprehensions and things I am excited about – we will see if they come true!

Nervous: I am leaving my family.
I guess I am more sad than nervous about this. My dad is awesome. I’m the one who hangs out with him the most and his main purpose right now (since he is unemployed) is to take care of me (i.e. he makes most of my meals). With me gone, I am scared he will be lonely. It’s more of a guilt thing – I will worry about him a lot when I am gone.

Excited: Time to be my own adult.
I come from a very collectivist Asian culture where it is not uncommon, it is even encouraged, that children stay home with the parents for as long as possible. But it’s time for this bird to fly the nest and see what I can really accomplish on my own. A lot of my stresses do come from my family so it will be nice to do everything on my own accord.

Sad: No more mom’s home cooking.
My mom doesn’t cook much, but the things she does know how to cook are bomb. I will miss her authentic Chinese soups and noodles!

Excited: That per diem~
I will be given a per diem and I am excited to get SKINNIER!! Mom’s home cooking involves A LOT of white rice and they’re often shoving huge plates of food down me. Healthy food is expensive, but I won’t feel bad ordering that $16 salad because my company will cover for it!

Nervous: Newfound competition at work.
Up till now, I’ve always been the youngest (by far) at my work and it was pretty easy to impress my seniors. I am now entering with one of the hugest hiring classes at my new office location, all of whom are around my age. Furthermore, this new company is infamous for really competitive employees. It will be a challenge that I am determined for, but nervous about.

Excited: Coworkers my own age.
With that said, I am excited to have coworkers my own age! It will be a lot easier to have a fun time at work with other twenty-somethings, rather than with my previous forty-something coworkers. I hope to make more friends to work out with or go to dinner!

Nervous: Working full-time.
I’ve worked 40+ hours in the past while being a full-time student, but I had a multitude of jobs. I knocked out a few reports at the office, then drove to the university to teach, then clocked in a shift at the studio, then went home and studied. They were long days but they were various – it made them go by quicker. This new employer is also infamous for long hours, so I am nervous for how I will handle a straight 10-12 hours of analysis on a daily basis.

Excited: To spoil myself!
In return for my long/harder work, I will be getting paid more and receiving more benefits. I am excited to deservedly spoil myself. I am especially looking forward to FACIALS!! LA has a lot of beauty studios that I intend to frequent!







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