About Me

33226090_1935705213128352_7717930336830619648_nEmily is a twenty-two year old accounting professional currently residing in San Diego, California. She graduated second in her high school class of 2014, as the Salutatorian with a 4.77 cumulative GPA. She was offered a full-tuition, academic-based scholarship from San Diego State University for four years, where she majored in Accounting. As she finished her bachelor’s in about two and a half years, she utilized the rest of her remaining scholarship to pursue her master’s degree. In January of 2017, she started her graduate program in Accounting Information Systems.

At the age of nineteen, she accepted a position at a Fortune 100 company where she was placed in the finance department as a profitability accountant. In the summer of 2017, she was asked by the dean of her college to perform academia research — their project was on the audit deficiency management of the governing body of public accounting companies. She was also asked to lecture at the university to teach the fundamentals of financial accounting course. All the while, she worked at a fitness studio in beachfront La Jolla.

Her university’s faculty nominated her to represent the college at a national technology competition where her team placed as a finalist. Due to her distinguishing performance, she then was extended an offer from the sponsoring hosts to join their consulting practice as a business technology analyst, specializing in one of the world’s most pervasive software. She will relocate to the Los Angeles office pending her graduation, May 2018.