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  • Narnia in California

    Narnia in California

    Michael and I were driving through the mountains and found this narrow passage of pinetrees and snow – it looked like a setting straight out of Narnia! I thought it was so magical. Now that I look at it…this is giving me some Asian T-Swift vibes!!! (Reference: see Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore‘ album cover) The main…

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  • 4 Years Together

    4 Years Together

    Hey Friends! Just wanted to pop-in and give a pat on mine & MP’s back for reaching Level 4!!! Love ya!

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  • RHOSLC Season 1!

    RHOSLC Season 1!

    I am high-key OBSESSED with everything Utah!! And though I’ve never watched a Real Housewives franchise before, my eyebrows raised with intrigue when they announced the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC)! They marketed it as America’s “Most Mysterious State” hidden amongst the mountains with “darkness brewing under the crust of perfection.” I mean,…

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