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  • 2022 Resolutions (Mine & Michael’s!)

    2022 Resolutions (Mine & Michael’s!)

    Hi Friends! I LOVE setting resolutions in the new year! I have so much fun planning my resolutions, blissfully ignoring the likelihood that I probably won’t see them through 🙂 Usually my resolutions are always pretty similar, the standard yennow wake up earlier, work out more, save money etc (all three of which I also/always […]

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  • Thank You, 2021

    Thank You, 2021

    Hi Friends! Long time no talk! I am so excited to recommit to my blog this year and am thrilled to kick it off with my favorite annual “Thank you, 20XX” series (If you want to read my last year’s post:Thank You, 2020). 2020 was a real weird year for everybody…but it’s only up from […]

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