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  • Getting Tested For Coronavirus

    Getting Tested For Coronavirus

    Hi Friends, As mentioned in my 2020 recap post, my dad unfortunately was recently tested positive for coronavirus. Thankfully, I am not experiencing any symptoms and I tested negative. I’ll keep this post short, but feel free to DM or Ask.FM me if you find yourself in a similar situation and have any questions. Thank […]

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  • Thank You, 2020

    Thank You, 2020

    We survived! 2020 reflections I have posted almost zero content on social media regarding the novel coronavirus because – well, it’s all everybody talks about and posts about these days, along with the rest of 2020 politics! Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it! Also, I don’t want any of that negativity to live on […]

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  • My WFH Commandments! How To Get Ish #DONE!

    My WFH Commandments! How To Get Ish #DONE!

    I feel like so many people have nonsense/froufrou WFH tips to convey a certain (fake) image and really, do they actually get ish done? Hmmm…I’m skeptic (; These are my TRUE WFH/remote tips – I’ll call them commandments. I have been doing these for YEARS and they’re not just for work / your job – […]

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