NYE Party with Druglords?

To ring in the New Year, Michael’s family got us all tickets to an extravagant NYE party. Suspiciously, it was a little too extravagant.

Colombia is notorious for drug trafficking and other illicit activities. And while in recent years they have significantly improved safety measures, you just know that it’s all still close by behind closed doors. So close, that you might find your family invited to a party hosted by a drug cartel.

We paid ~$80 for each of us to get into this event, where it seemed like all of the other attending parties were family/knew each other (who likely did not have to pay) (and who btw were all GORGEOUS. I’m talking severely plastic/silicone-filled, but nonetheless gorgeous). And though there were a lot of people, there was no way that the entrance fee could have covered multiple huge stages, a giant countdown television, several bands, a gourmet buffet spread, a huge staff, and a crazy fireworks display. Especially not at this random hotel secluded on the outskirts of town, literally miles away from other businesses.

We concluded that this hotel was definitely laundering money in some form.

It then ended up POURING rain – which ruined not only the festivities, but also ALL of the crazy equipment that they did not even care to cover/bring in (?!?). We blissfully enjoyed our party anyway, ignoring the fact that we were probably in the presence of some powerful people.

Here is me partaking in Las Uvas – a Colombian tradition where you eat and make a wish on 12 grapes, representing the 12 coming months.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Here is me and mi amor posing super cheesily.

And here is me telling mi amor, “Put me down, this is too cheesy” /embarrassed.

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