Easy Entertaining: Hummus Platter 101

I hate coming to an event empty-handed! If you are unable to cook something, there is always time to quickly prepare something that still looks impressive.

Vegetarian friendly, healthy, and always the first to go – people love to hover and snack – this plentiful hummus platter is at the top of the easy entertaining list.

It’s really not much of a recipe, it simply has two components:

  1. Dipping Sauces
  2. The Dipping Accompaniments

Plate aesthetically and make the plate look FULL – you don’t want a sparse, sad platter.

For this platter, I did a medley of hummus – a basic garlic hummus and a tomato basil. And for the third, I HAD to put my favorite Trader Joe’s salmon dip — SOO good, and it fits my Lenten pescatarian diet (bonus).

Whatever appropriate! Raw, fresh veggies/fruits and bread. I think the Farmer’s Market would be a good one stop shop – so much produce and they always have that one hummus stand.

Entertaining has never been easier!


One response to “Easy Entertaining: Hummus Platter 101”

  1. […] I spent Easter with Michael and his family~ His family cooked some delicious barbecue and I made a hummus platter. Then we watched the movie I Can Only Imagine which was the perfect movie to watch on Easter. 10/10 […]


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