I’m Moving to LA

My cousin Andrew was on spring break so I decided to visit him in Claremont . It ended up being a cousinfest weekend for me! Spent the Thursday with him and his girlfriend, then the Friday with my other cousins Jessica and Lawrence, and then later that week I ran into my other cousin, Roger, at Disneyland!

Some of the things we did and places we ate at are below.


Things to do in LA

Vroman’s Bookstore
One of the biggest on the west coast, this bookstore/gift shop just gets me. Came home with Kate Hudson’s hostess book, Pretty Fun. A lot of their books can actually be found for way cheaper online, but I will definitely be back to brief the books and browse the literary accessories.

Norton Simon Museum
Free for students (w/ ID), Norton Simon Museum is one of my favorites with its many Renaissance pieces and South Asian art.


Places to Eat in LA

Young Dong Tofu Restaurant
Get some good Korean food without having to drive into DTLA and deal with long Ktown lines

Junkabok Ramen House
The black garlic ramen is soooo good. And get the vegan kale noodles! (taste no different)

Cafe 302
Shaved ice bowls with so many toppings! It’s a taiwanese place…so the smell of stinky tofu is there when you first enter, but it goes away (;

Duke’s Bakery
Their matcha red bean heart bread is SO good for breakfast!!


I’m actually moving to LA in a couple of months to work in the LA office. I will be moving in with my cousin Andrew for the first few months and I am glad that I will have family around in a (semi)unfamilar place.

See my tumblr for more!!

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