My First Spray Tan (Before+After Pics)

I am extremely fair-skinned, even more so than the standard Asian. Of course all my Chinese aunties say that being is fair is beautiful. If I ever did somehow get tan, they would say I looked dirty.

Truthfully I kind of liked my fair skin, I think it suits me! However, I did not want to go to Colombia during their summer as pale as I was. We would be on the beach 24/7 and there is enough to be self-conscious about when in a bikini. So, I decided to get my first spray tan.

I can now say…I LOVE BEING BROWN! It changes you. It increases my confidence and I just feel like a totally different person. Read below for my first-timer spray tan tips and before and after pics!


My First Spray Tan Experience

You’ll check in and they’ll ask you which spray tan you want: full body, half body, or face only. Then they’ll ask you how dark you want to be.

They’ll take you to your private room and ask you to undress to your level of comfortableness and apply lotion to your hands and feet. The lotion is to prevent your hands/feet from getting too tan because it is not a good look if/when the spray tans sets in the wrinkle lines.

When you’re ready, they’ll ask you to take a number of positions with your arms and legs for them to spray you properly. When all done, they’ll ask if you would like any parts sprayed again.

Then, you’ll take a blow dryer to your whole body until you are no longer sticky. And you’re tan! The whole process takes less than 15 minutes.

My Spray Tan Tips

  1. What to wear to the appointment
    Go to F21 and get yourself a cheap, loose, sleeveless black dress. And forgo the bra to avoid lines.
  2. Try to go nude
    Just think of your spray tan technician like the doctor’s. It’s a judgment free zone.
  3. Go to a good boutique
    Mainly if it is your first time. I would hate for you to forever close the door to spray tans just because you had a bad experience. Do your research. I also recommend going to a spray tan only shop, instead of a shop that offers spray tans amongst other services. They will be more specialized and will know what color and base is best for your skin tone. I went to BlushTan and LOVED them. Their products are also all natural and organic. Kind of pricey, but worth it if it is your first time because you’ll have no fear that you go to your event or vacation looking like a fool.
  4. Go dark
    Maybe it is just me…but the darker the better! Like I want that “damn, that bitch definitely got a spray tan” spray tan dark.
  5. Absolutely MUST avoid oil products
    This is the most important tip for making your spray tan last. Again they’re kind of expensive so we want the color to last. Oil is definitely the enemy, it dissolves your spray tan.  However, sunscreen is necessary. I used this one by Neutrogena for the body- I was in the sun all day long and did not get burned once. My body color was evenly intact for 2 weeks! It lasted longer, but began to slowly spot off. I also used this one by Shiseido for the face, but it wasn’t really necessary (explained more in next bullet).
  6. Don’t forget the face bronzer
    My makeup, makeup remover, face wash, and moisturizer have a little bit of oil that will reduce the color. To me it is fine. I’d rather just apply face bronzer instead of buy all new products. Also, if your sunscreen has that white cast, then bronzer will be necessary. You might have to buy a facial self-tanner or new foundation to make your face match your body.


Note: I love spray tans, but again they are not exactly budget friendly. I now love self-tanner…but on occasion will treat myself to a spray tan!

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