The College Series: How to Kick Ass in College

With my graduation date in less than a month, I think it is the perfect time to implement this college series on how to basically kick ass in college. Truth be told, school might be the thing I am best at (is that sad??). I plan to write on the following topics:

  • How I finished college so fast
  • How I won so many scholarships
  • Why I actually DON’T suggest pursuing a master’s degree
  • And my top general advice for college

Though I don’t think college is necessary to have a successful career, I am constantly reminded by my immigrant parents that it is an extreme blessing that many people wish they could have. There are a lot of important crossroads in college and you’ll have to make a lot of important decisions. I am really passionate about this topic and have lots to share about my college experience in what I hope will help you through this significant journey.

I have dabbled in a wide range of academic areas (from undergraduate, to graduate, to faculty, to research) and can provide insight on what I enjoyed/regretted. And though I don’t have the stereotypical college experience (i.e. moving away to a glamorous university and dorming on campus, already aware of what I want to be), I lived what is the reality for most college students: going to a local cheaper university to save on costs, simultaneously working part/full time, and not having a clue on what I wanted to really do.

Come back every Sunday for my college tips and secrets!


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