Recipe: Summer’s Mint Melon Skewers


June is the unofficial start of summer! To kick things off, here is my “recipe” for refreshing Mint Melon Skewers. These are perfect for any summer occasion – whether it’s a baby shower, beach bbq, or work get together. I’ve personally brought them to all three of the aforementioned 🙂 Because who doesn’t like melon skewers?

They’re so agreeable – kids and adults alike will love this on a hot summer day. Melons are also in season right now (so sweet and juicy). Lastly, it is one of the EASIEST fool proof recipes that anyone can do that still looks fancy, and of course, instagram-worthy.




  • Seedless Watermelon*
  • Cantaloupe**
  • Honeydew
  • Mint Leaves (optional)
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Melon Baller

* You’ll actually want seedless watermelon, otherwise the balls won’t come out as well.
** You can really do any variety of melons.



  1. Cut melons in half (Be careful! Adult assistance highly suggested) and scoop out seeds if necessary.
  2. Use the Melon Baller to scoop out spheres of all the melons into bowls. Re-slice the melons in order to get new surface area to scoop out more balls, as needed.
  3. Then, assemble the balls onto the melon skewers. Put the least ripe (the hardest) balls at the bottom to anchor it. Optional: Add mint leaves on the skewers for aesthetics.

Place them on a pretty summer platter or into an aluminum tray and you’re ready for any summer get together.




Happy Summer!!

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