Career: Why You Should Work At A Small Business


After 3+ years of being a client and 3 years of being an employee, I finally closed the french white doors for one last time!

This is the last job that I clung onto but I had to finally put in my leave because the start date for my next job is fast approaching!! I am officially unemployed, after 3 years of working what felt like 10 jobs!


I wanted to reflect on why I loved working at the studio, and specifically for a small business, so much. I was obviously making a lot more money at my accounting jobs, so I frequently got asked by others on why I still worked at the studio. I was also really busy and so people kept telling me to quit the studio to free up even a few hours. Despite it all, I still happily chose to stay at the studio.

In addition to the studio, I worked at a large corporation and was able to experience both ends of the spectrum – I found that working at a smaller, local business provided a different working environment and perspective that I think all professionals would benefit from.


Here are some reasons as to why every young adult should consider working at a small business!

Work Closely With The Owner

When you start off at a corporation, you won’t have much contact with the owner – the owner might not even know your name. At the studio, I got to work directly with the owners for most of my first year. Regardless of how big the business is, the owner is surely an ambitious, entrepreneurial, and smart business (wo)man from which you can learn a lot. Pick their brains.

Develop Crucial Business Acumen

A small business is a great place to develop your beginning business skills – a plus that it’s in a friendly environment (versus, perhaps, a more cutthroat-sink-or-swim corporate landscape). I have always been a shy person but at the studio I was able to learn/develop clientele relations and the soft skills necessary to succeed in future careers!

Perform All Operations

In most corporations, you’ll be limited to functions directly related to your position. For example, you’ll be doing only inventory accounting or only payroll accounting. At a smaller business, you get to wear all hats! And with such a small staff, each employee develops a sense of ownership to help the business grow. Also, there is increased recognition – small business owners are normally really observant/hands-on and will show appreciation for what each staff does.

Fun Perks

Smaller businesses typically aren’t as restricted as large corporations and this can be reflected in terms of work perks! I remember when we were trying to ask for more rewards at the corp, the director was willing but we had to talk with HR and be careful with the budget…at the studio, there were so many fun extras! Whether it were free protein bars and green juices, tote bags, or cute socks, it was always so fun to get something little. They obviously don’t compare to the end of the year bonus that you normally get at a corporation, but there’s just something about a pair of leggings that makes a girl so happy!


There are of course some cons, such as lower pay and less room for promotion, but I stayed at the place for 3 years and would have stayed for longer if I could! I got really lucky – my bosses were really flexible, it wasn’t stressful, cover was never an issue, and the job was really fun. I get a little confused when I hear people working really tiring jobs for no reason. Lastly, my favorite part about working there was all of the lovely and inspiring ladies I was surrounded by.

And now I’m realizing how sad I am to be leaving the studio, wahh!!!! But we must move on to the next chapter. Thank  you, Studio Barre!



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