Photodiary: Exploring LA Gardens


Hi friends!

I took Michael to one of my favorite hidden LA gems (surprisingly, a lot of LA natives don’t know about it!), the Descanso Gardens. Just a few miles north of DTLA are acres of gardens, each designated with a different theme – rose garden, lilac garden, california garden, ancient garden, and more.  It is BEAUTIFUL! I would have my wedding there depending on the $$!!’



The Descanso gardens were started by a man named Boddy – whose house/mansion at the top of the mountain is now open for tour – who welcomed the public to his stunning grounds. It’s really affordable at only $9 GA and $6 for students.



It is HUGE – to enjoy it all I would allot at least 3, if not 4, hours – again, there are like 7 different gardens to explore along with the mansion, art museum, and gift shop. I was getting really antsy at our dim sum breakfast because I wanted to get to the gardens 3+ hours before they closed!


35266271_1960887210610152_2729665142122872832_n (1)

I was sort of disappointed the second time I went because Boddy’s Home was closed before what the website had listed as closing time and the lilac garden and the rose garden were dead!!! (out of season) I just wanted my parents and Michael to get to see everything 😦 It was weird because I went the exact same week of the year that I had gone with my cousin Andrew (one year prior) and everything was in full bloom! Oh well, the dead garden made for some cool photos (see below).


I have on all of my favorite pieces so I thought I’d share them with you!

  • The sunglasses that go with everything!: Raybans
  • The perfect casual jean jacket. I bring this out with me everywhere, otherwise it is in my car just in case!: Levis
  • I wear my Aldo Clarenceas to work whenever I am running around town and can’t wear heels. They don’t seem to have it anymore but these are a really similar pair.
  • Dress, white turtleneck, and small purse (which was on sale for like $8): Forever21


We ended the long day in the best way you can, with some greasy, authentic chinese food (at my favorite cozy Chinese restaurant, Sam Woo), and then napped for the rest of the long car ride home…


Here is a video that Michael made of our trip! And more photos from Descanso Gardens will be posted on my tumblr:!!  I’ll also post the photos from when I went with my cousin!

See you on Sunday!


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