What My Students Said In My Faculty Review PART 2!!!!!

Hello friends!

The time has come, again…to see what the little monsters, I mean “students”(!!!), said about me this time around in my SPRING 2018 FACULTY REVIEW! The good, the bad, and the UGLY!! I didn’t censor anything! If you missed the grimy reviews that my students left me last semester, click here!

You can click on each photo to zoom in and see exactly what they had to say!


My students this semester did exceptionally well – they blew the other sections out of the water in terms of both highest grades and lowest fail rate, by far. I think the success was partly due to the fact that this semester I had many more accounting majors (compared to last semester, where I had literally like 3). Additional students actually asked me to help them switch to the accounting major!



Help outside of the class: This semester, a LOT of my students went to my office hours!! One time we were in the office having a meeting with the head professor and someone knocked on the door. We opened it to, I kid you not, like 50+ of my students!!! Hahaha. So because of that, I also held extra review sessions outside of my regular office hours. I would grab a big table in the library and be surrounded by my students just asking me questions (x

Attitude: A lot of my students commented that they liked my general attitude – enthusiastic, friendly, funny etcetera! Not sure if that’s just a default answer though haha, I would normally put that on my professors’ reviews if they weren’t good teachers but I thought they were nice lol.

Knowledgeable: You’d think it should be a given, considering this person was given a job of teaching the subject. However, I think I went beyond just basic knowledge. It’s more than just knowing how to do something, but a matter of explaining it well and demonstrating how it all really makes sense in an easy way, connecting items, and applying it to real world concepts.


Slower: Story of my life!! First occupation, university instructor. Second, rapper.

Structure of Class: A lot of the cons were just suggestions on how to improve the course and changing the general structure of the course. I don’t have control over this since I am given strict instruction to stick to the set of given slides and review sets, but I agree!

Cocky/Arrogant: I don’t think I was at all, as supported by most students commenting on my niceness. The only thing I could think of is a couple of students would ask me questions and it was SUPER clear that they hadn’t read and didn’t pay attention in class because I went over it numerous times then. For example, they might ask a question like “Emily, how do you do this question: ‘What is the most liquid form of capitalization?’” This is a purely definitional question…which tells me that they clearly didn’t read, right??? So I’d ask,

“Well, do you know what ‘liquid’ means?”

Then I’d ask,

“And do you know what ‘capitalization’ means?”

Well duh, that’s why you don’t understand how to find the correct answer. So ugh! What’s a girl to do, you know??? Or sometimes I would see them on their laptop during class not paying attention or sleeping, and then they’d come to office hours and I’d have to repeat the lecture all over again to them. So that’s when I would  suggest to them that they should read first, maybe with the sliiiightest hint of annoyance because it was always certain students, or I’d say, “We went over this in class.” I mean I still helped them of course. And I think that’s the problem – I was soooo nice to the students and always helped them with everything, so instead of reading and trying to figure out the question on their own, they’d just ask me. And I’d give them the answer, even if I knew they didn’t read or pay attention in class.

Majority of these students weren’t accounting students so I just helped them, and that’s what we were advised to do by the lead instructor. If I had it my way, I would have created graded assessments to reward/dock students points for reading or not. The current course structure does not keep them accountable at all for reading.

But anyway, here are some numerical ratings they gave me!!

But that’s all everybody! I hope you got a kick out of reading what my students said!! Hehe. I really enjoy teaching and I hope to find a teaching position on the side in the near future!!

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