Colombia #004: On Top Of Bogotá

Saving the best for last, we returned to my boyfriend’s parents’ hometown of Bogotá! Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and we had the best tour guide, mi primo Anthony! This was my favorite day of the two week trip – exploring the beauty of historic downtown Bogotá, feeding the pigeons of Colombia, and going to the magical mountaintop of Montserrate.


First Stop: Pigeon Square!


In historic Plaza de Bolivar, with a majestic cathedral of a backdrop (not photo’d here, will be on my tumblr), is where everybody comes to feed the famous Bogotá pigeons! You can buy corn kernals for a dollar a pop and have them fly right into your hands!! As you can see, I was at first not happy AT ALL lol. I felt their soft feather bellies on my arms and freaked out lol! But in the end I was having sooo much fun I didn’t want to leave.


Roaming The Colorful Cobblestones

Downtown Bogotá is like Europe! They have fairytale cobblestone and beautiful architecture. We saw the university, museum hopped, and were just able to be immersed in Colombian culture~!


Drinking The Banned/Illegal Chica Drink

The Colombian Chica is an ancient fermented corn drink that is actually illegal/banned in most parts of Colombia! It is allowed in some parts purely for cultural preservation purposes hehe. We hit up the bars where all the hip Colombian college students go to try this very special drink. It was yummy!!!


On Top Of Bogotá

Bogotá is actually already the highest town/city in Colombia – this is why it is always rainy there. So to take a SUPER steep, kind of sketchy, cable car up to the top of the famous Montserrate was awesome!


At the top of the mountain is a sacred church and a HUGE night market!! It was SOOO cool, it was giving me Spirited Away vibes. It felt like a hidden/secret town.


Since we went close to New Years, there were still Christmas decorations up! This was such a great way to end the day.


We went back to Grandma’s house to enjoy some dessert that were waiting for us. Thank you again to the Paez/Patterson/Caicedo family for being so welcoming to me and making my Colombian trip so awesome! And again special shoutout to Anthony for the giving me the full Bogota experience!


Ciao Colombia!! Te amo!


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