Him+Her: Relationship Peek

Hi friends!

I get lots of requests for more Michael posts! So here is a quick post that I hope gives you a fun little peek into our relationship~!

What were your first impressions of each other?
He was really attentive, he seemed to remember every little thing I said. He was cool – always very suave about things. A “take-charge” kind of guy, yet mindful. “Here, take my card. Order whatever you want. You better get an appetizer and drink, too.” He’s more dorky than cool now (lol) but otherwise he is the same guy I met 2 years ago!
M: My first impression of Emily was that she was so beautiful that I had to talk to her. I struck up a conversation and her beauty matched her personality. It felt like I was talking to an old friend I haven’t seen in a while compared to someone new.

Tell us an embarrassing story about her/him.
 It was during one of of our Colombian flights, I bended sideways and slept on his lap and he bended  over and slept on top of me. I woke up because I felt a huge wet puddle on my neck/shoulder. This fool is already awake so I disgustingly ask him,

“Is this your drool all over me?!?”

He replied,

“No!-” Kind of like, ‘what the heck who do you think I am that is so gross.’
“-it’s from my nose ^-^ “

I was like noooooooooooo. A puddle of his nose dribbles on my neck!!!! That’s so gross, man hahaha.
M: One time Emily told me she wanted to go to the beach at night and I wanted to impress her so we went to the beach. I was dying, cold and sneezing every 5 minutes but she was so happy/comfortable that she started snoring/heavy breathing (insert heavy breathing cat). It was adorable/hilarious because it was like watching a baby in the most intense napping session.

What do you love most about her/him?
He makes me feel very comfortable. I can be my 100% self around him. Similarly but more importantly, I feel that he never (and would never) judges my family.
M: The thing I love most about Emily is that she always pushes me and makes me want to grow as a person

What is your biggest relationship advice?
I think to just always court. Always make room for date night. Make any small event a romantic/fun one for each other. Remember to buy them something if you’re at the grocery store. The little things.
M: My biggest relationship advice is remember your self-worth so you can add your value to the relationship. To be in love with each other doesn’t mean you have to be co-dependent.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
: 10000000000000000000% me.
M: Honestly, I wear the pants in the sense that I make calls about our relationship but I do everything with Emily’s approval. It’s like the saying “happy wife, happy life.”

And that’s all! Thanks Michael for answering these questions for this post!! Have a great rest of your Sunday, xo.

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