Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots: Catalina Island

Planning a vacation to Catalina Island? The island may be small, but it’s an Instagrammer’s dream come true with its classic island feel. I walked all over the island and found these colorful corners – see below for my Top 10 Most Instagrammable spots on Catalina Island!

1. Catalina Island’s Best Viewpoint41905271_241297253225478_795821478187630592_n

A view only attainable by golf cart! A quick 10-minute golf cart ride up the mountain (scenic itself) gets you to this beautiful, colorful shot of Avalon.

2.  Descanso’s Perspective


The walk to Descanso Beach is a little long but the cabanas and drinks are worth it! Take some shots from this eastward POV to capture the ethereal Catalina real estate cascading the mountainsides.

3. B&B Vibes41871709_314194902742340_4132086145972436992_n

Morning walks and hidden patios – behind every corner in Catalina are quaint nooks like this.

4. Bluewater Beachfront


Breakfast at the Bluewater – great food, better oceanfront view!

5. Wrigley’s Party Past44921168_331833027549144_6859889054700273664_n

Wrigley’s Memorial has a huge courtyard with Italian lights that makes me think he must have thrown grand parties back in his day!

6. Cacti Cutie44896726_302233887042792_7361687538639044608_n

A 2-in-1, walk a little slower on your way to the Wrigley Memorial through the Botanical Garden of medley cacti.

7. Stonewalled44913699_1910011419307773_238630981420974080_n

The long stone wall and walking bridge reminded me of Ghibli, like it was about to transport me to a magical bathhouse. This is near the St. Lauren Hotel!

8. You Had Me At Yellow44901117_337567580385193_8782698097248567296_n

Walking up and down the hills of residential Catalina is a great wind down that gets you away from the busy boardwalk. Island homes are painted in the happiest colors. Find the one that goes best with your outfit 🙂

9. Patterns for Days44931130_2304138746488594_7405279734411558912_n

Catalina is covered in the most beautiful patterned tile (I dressed to match hehe). This was at the top of Wrigley’s Memorial.

10. That So-Catalina Photo45013178_194538881445734_6161707821126647808_n

I think this is the quintessential Catalina photo! The iconic fountain on the Avalon boardworld – lucky for us, we went during an off-season and were able to snap a background free photo!

Thank you so much for reading, please come back next week for a new post!!

Happy Sunday, xo

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