What’s My Myers Brigg Personality Type?

Hello friends!

This Sunday I thought it would be fun to take the Myers Briggs Personality Type Test! Can you guess what personality type I am? Drumroll! — da da daa — I am a Logistician! Which is ISTJ-T!

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 8.28.33 PM

Strengths & Weaknesses

Honest & Direct | Strong Willed & Dutiful | Very Responsible | Calm & Practical | Create & Enforce Order | Jacks of All Trades

Strong Willed & Dutiful” – I think this one probably embodies me the most. Being hardworking is just wired into my veins, and normally is escalated to “overworking.”  I am definitely “Practical” but I am not so sure about the “Calm” half of the “Calm & Practical” – outwardly I may appear calm and that I can handle the situation, but inside, I am stressed and freaking out 95% of the time.

Stubborn | Insensitive | Always By the Book | Judgemental | Often Unreasonably Blame Themselves

I asked my boyfriend which weakness he thinks most relates to me and he said, “Often Unreasonably Blame Themselves.” Tis true – but I think this is true for a lot of people. Just always being hard on yourself. Whenever something goes not perfectly, I always think it was entirely on me. That’s why I like to talk about my problems with my boyfriend because he makes me feel better about the mistakes and relieves the pressure!

Logistician’s Romantic Relationships

“…Logistician personality type can get so caught up in the belief in their correctness, in ‘winning’ arguments they thought were about facts, that they don’t realize their partner may have viewed things from a perspective of consideration and sensitivity” … lol. My boyfriend makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL when we argue hahahaha but I am learning slowly but surely that even if it makes no logical/factual sense (WHATSOEVER), it’s still his feelings 🙂

Logistician’s Friendships

“They are not talkative, or particularly playful in their affection. What Logistician friends are is loyal, trustworthy, honorable and dependable.” I love you more than I show – I promise!

Logistician Parenthood

An interesting food for thought: “People with the Logistician personality type are strongly principled, valuing patience and hard work, qualities children often struggle with. Nevertheless, Logisticians’ children are expected to meet these standards and share these values, for their own good.” My mom was definitely really strict on me, so it does make me raise an eyebrow when I see kids with defiant personalities that aren’t handled. I think growing up, what I struggled with (and maybe still do) was not how strict my parents were or how high their expectations were, but not being appreciated or recognized for my achievements as is (whether good enough or not).

Logistician Careers & Workplace Habits

Some snippets for my profile as an employee!

  • “…Logisticians are almost a stereotype for the classic hard-working, dutiful employee
  • “Responsibilities aren’t burdens to Logisticians […] an opportunity to prove once again that they are the right person for the job. On the other hand, the change that comes with assuming those new responsibilities […] is often a significant struggle for Logisticians”
  • “Often seen as jacks of all trades, Logistician personalities can competently tackle any project that comes with a manual”
  • “While Logisticians may need clearly set steps and well-defined responsibilities, they are exceptionally loyal, dedicated, meticulous and patient in completing their work”

And that’s all! I learned a little bit about myself, and hope you learned some more about me as well! See you next Sunday 🙂

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