Design Features: Hearst Castle

Hello friends!

Michael and I went on a mini road trip and stopped at the famous Hearst Castle! It is so exquisitely grande and beautiful – I highly recommend visiting! It was built and designed with such detail – the amount of thought and creativity that went into this castle really made my inner interior-design-wannabe so excited. I caught myself snapping a few photos for my own future purposes/inspiration (a girl can dream), that I thought, “Why not share some on the blog??” Enjoy!

Colorful Tiles

I’m a very muted girl – I really like my neutrals and minimalistic tones. However, colorful tiles have really started to capture my heart. Life is short, let’s live in color.

Actually, that flooring in the last photo is made of real 24 karat gold! Hah! Who would have thought that one day I would be walking on gold. I was about to get on my knees and scrape a little for the taking 😉

Enchanting Doors

These doors are so magical – they look like an entrance to the Land of Narnia! With doors so opulent, the Christmas wreaths look weak (haha). They could have gotten their hands on a giant, decked out wreath!


Hand-Made Ceilings

Many of the designs in the castle are vertical (i.e. columns, rods, points) to make the rooms look taller than they really are and to lead the eyes upwards to the beautiful ceilings. The second ceiling is entirely hand-painted!


Thank you for reading my dear friends!

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