Thank You, 2018

Hello Dear Friends,

2018 was a truly defining year. A lot of change. A lot of growth. Many highs. Some lows.

I don’t think I would change a thing about my 2018. Read below for my 2018 recap.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 4.52.29 PM

  • Leaving School
    Graduation. I finally graduated from school this May! It’s only been a few months since graduation, but I think my favorite years will be those as a student. I love to learn. And I loved my teachers and mentors. I am extremely grateful and blessed for the education I was able to receive. Leaving the safety net of school is something I am still trying to overcome, but I will use my years as a student to help me shine in my next chapters.
  • Becoming an Adult
    I think graduation signifies the beginning of adulthood. It is like starting all over again. I went from being at the top of the totem pole (senior graduate student) to the bottom, the baby of adults. Paying for all my own expenses, choosing various healthcare insurances, and saving to a retirement fund. It is all happening so fast and it causes me anxiety. It is definitely a learning experience, but I am patiently waiting for when I become comfortable with these adult responsibilities.
  • New Career
    This year I left several jobs which I have been doing for years to pursue a new opportunity. It is very different from anything that is familiar to me. It is surely a challenge, many new situations that I have to learn how to approach, but I am learning a lot.
  • My Relationship
    Throughout all of the changes and challenges, my boyfriend has really gone above and beyond in his support!! He does all that he can to lift me up and we have so much fun together!
  • Family
    Blessed that all of my family members are healthy this year! My dad’s health is back to normal and he found a new job that he loves – I am so thankful for all of the prayers that people have sent. Also, this year I got to spend a lot more time with my cousins, which fills me with joy
  • Travel
    I have had amazing opportunities to travel more this year and see new things. Started 2018 in Colombia, went to Catalina in March, Texas in July, Philadelphia in August, New York in September, San Jose in October, Pacific Coast roadtrip in November, and various trips to OC/LA. I think my number one favorite moment of 2018 was the Monterey/Carmel weekend roadtrip…a special adventure in my heart.
  • Blog
    And of course, last but not least, I launched my blog this year. I love having SundayswithEmily and I hope you all have enjoyed it as well.

2018 was a great, momentous year. I wonder what 2019 has in store. We shall see!