Him+Her: 6 Date Night Ideas Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Hello friends!

Happy February. I love February – Valentine’s Day and my birthday! One time for my February babies~

Read below for some date night ideas from my boyfriend and I, hopefully it will give you some ideas for this coming Valentine’s Day!


Her: Get Cra-Cra-Crafty

Go to the local craft store and look for crafts to do together. Choose an activity to do, maybe even a new one you’ve never tried before! This is actually the date that Michael took me on when he asked me to be his girlfriend!!! We got these sewing kits and he strayed away from the template and sewed “Be Mine” ❤
Tip 1: I highly suggest using one of the many pre-made kits that the craft store has. It makes it really easy/satisfying – like a bracelet kit, wool felt kit, bird house kit, and more.
Tip 2: Get some paint or markers and draw each other! Maybe add an artistic theme – like anime or caricature-style.


Him: Paint Ceramics

This date idea is the cutest to me because even if you can’t paint, the ceramic gift to your date then will hold sentimental value. Google “ceramic painting near me,” pick a ceramic piece (usually you pay for the individual piece), and then pay whatever it costs to rent the paint and brushes.
Tip 1: My advice is to pick a ceramic piece that can be used for daily use. Emily made me a honey pot where I hold all my change and I made her a flower pot that she puts on her desk. They are reminders from that date night that I cherish.
Tip 2: Pick a ceramic that is plain because painting a ceramic dog may be cute, but you can only do so much with a dog. I would say grab something with a large surface area where you can let your imagine do most of the work


Her: Picture-Perfect Picnic

Keep it classic with a picnic. Find a romantic spot to lay down a cute blanket and get some fresh air. It doesn’t have to be a fancy cheeseboard, one time Michael and I did a picnic with a $5 Taco Bell box…
Tip 1: Change it up and do a picnic at night! The second half of Michael and I’s first date was a night beach picnic with a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.


Him: Booze and Board Games

Emily and I have done this in the past and it is by far some of the most memorable date nights we have had. All you need to do is go to your local Walmart or any supermarket that sells board games. Pick a game that is suitable for two people like Chess, Jenga, or Connect 4.
Tip 1: I recommend buying your favorite snacks, drinks, and booze (in moderation).
Tip 2: Don’t limit yourself to traditional board games. I would suggest twister or even video games. The point is to have friendly competition that makes the date exciting, i.e. Just Dance.
Tip 3: Boys, let the girl win. Try your hardest but at the end just throw the game. I am saying this not to cover up for the fact that Emily has beaten me in every game…but that I allow her to win.


Her: Cook (or burn the food) Together!

A date night in where you cook together to some classy tunes. This can also save you some $ instead of going out to dinner! Plus, no need to get a reservation! Michael and I love cooking together and it is one of our favorite things to do.
Tip 1: Make a cooking playlist, i.e. Italian classics if you’re making pasta!
Tip 2: Make it a competition? See who can make the better dish!


Him: Doggy Date

This idea is self explanatory. Take the pups on an adventure. Go to a dog beach, mall, or hike. There are many places where dogs are welcome nowadays. When you do this date idea, you feel more at ease when it comes to creating conversation or trying to be entertaining because now you have a cute dog that can be the center of conversation and entertainment. P.S. Our dogs have an insta: @meeloxtaitai if you want to see what they look like.
Tip 1: If your dog knows tricks then its his/her time to shine. It makes the dog and yourself look good.

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