I’m in India!


Namaste!! I am in India!!

I have been here for almost two months and I can certainly say that it’s been the time of my LIFE! Prior to last year, I had never been out of the country (except for a Canada trip when I was less than a year old). And within the last year, I have been able to travel to Colombia (by the gracious generosity of my boyfriend’s family) and now I am in India from the support of my work superiors and team. I am truly blessed, and this makes me remember that life gets better, opportunities will come, and everything will fall into place.

I am here for work but I absolutely made the most of it during my weekends and some PTO. By the end of my two month trip, I will have gone to five countries (seven, if you count the layovers) and six cities all over the country of India.

I have had so much adventure, divine cultural experiences, and lovely memories that I cannot wait to share with all of you on this blog.

Dhanyavaad, Dhan’yavāda, K̄hxbkhuṇ, Shukuriyaa, Xièxiè

Thank you,
See you on Sunday







You scrolled down all the way! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos

These photos were taken at the City Palace in Jaipur. These red curtains are not normally part of the palace – they were part of an actual Hollywood Bollywood movie set!! There were lights, director seats, cranes and all – including Bollywood dancers.

They were taking the curtains down when I thought they might make cool photos – these are the first shots of me cracking up, having no idea what to do with the curtains.


Do you have any particular India or travel blog posts/questions you want to see? Let me know!!


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