Weekly Update + Friday Favorites

Happy June everybody! It is the start of summer – and though I LOVE traveling abroad – a part of me misses the San Diegan summer…the most perfect weather, the bountiful farmers’ markets, and the annual grease-filled town fair. This is also my first summer employed full-time and I am now nostalgic of my summers as a student – when summers meant no school!, hours of mindless scouring at HomeGoods and lazy days with my cousins in OC. Life is changing, adulthood seems to be coming fast with no plans on slowing down. I guess I need to keep up and move on!

By the time this post goes live, I think I’ll be in Malaysia during a layover on my way to Taiwan! I am so excited! Taiwan is in my top 3 bucket list – I am so ready to spend every moment with a bubble tea in hand and the scent of stinky tofu in the air. I’m spamming my instagram stories (@sundayswithemily) with my adventures – please join in the last leg of my two month tour! The next post will likely be when I have returned to the states! See you then!

Straw Bags Full of Freshly Cut Flowers


In Thailand, I had the weekend of my life! My only regret was not buying one of their straw bags – they were everywhere! This oversized one photo’d by Amber Thrane overfilled with greenery florals gives me life!

With June, Summer Comes

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 11.32.52 AM

June! One of my favorite months – it is the Californian announcement calling all to slather on the sunscreen, slip on their Rainbows, and head to the beach. I LOVE the colors used in this June calendar wallpaper by Parima Studio (free download!).

Unconventional Diamonds


I’m obsessed with these beautifully made, multi-colored diamond and stone rings by Marrow Fine. They aren’t the traditional, simple diamond ring – yet they’re timeless and really make a girl stand out in the best way.

No One is Fresher Than Kenny


Do you go for colors and neutrals during summer? I like this simple nautical outfit by Penshoppe, but I particularly was drawn to the monotone makeup by Mary Phillips. A non-fuss outfit and nude look is my inspiration for summer 2019!

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