Him+Her: Our Love Language

Happy Sunday!

I thought it would be fun to share what is my Love Language! It’s a personal intimate personality profile that I think may surprise you guys / let you know a little bit more about me!

Read below to hear my thoughts on my 5 Love Language results and stay till the end to see Michael’s!

1) Acts of Service

I’m surprised if this is not at the top of everyone’s list! To me, I think being in a relationship is all about supporting and helping your partner by doing what you can (i.e. various acts of service). It’s about showing up and doing the little things – these melt my heart and make me so appreciative.

Since I have always worked so much and been so busy, it REALLY means a lot to me when my partner goes out of HIS WAY to do things FOR ME to make me happier – there is nothing sexier!! It’s even better when they do it without me asking! Michael will do things like laundry, clean, and cook so that I can just relax or focus on work.

2) Physical Touch

Coming up second is Physical Touch. Bedroom talk aside, it makes a girl feel special and wanted when the fella shows physical affection – whether it’s resting his hand on your thigh while he’s driving, protectively wrapping his arm around your waist, or little kisses on the neck while you’re washing dishes! These subtle touches are -insert hearteyes emoji-

3) Quality Time

Date night is my favorite night~ Nothing makes me happier than when a guy opts to stay home or come home early from a night out with the boys at the bar to spend one-on-one time with the lady. I think it comes down to attention – this is like water/air to most girls, if deprived the girl may die ^o^” And if you can’t be in person, I think phone calls and texts go a long way. It’s really sweet when a guy thinks to call or replies to texts quickly! Even when he knows he might have to listen to me ramble about things I’m sure he doesn’t care about (lol).

4) Words of Affirmation

I’m kind of surprised this one didn’t get last – I think from my Asian upbringing, it’s kind of awkward for me to openly express or receive any type of affirmation (love/work/friends). But I guess that means it hits home a little bit more when my partner does see value in me and lets me know he is my #1 fan!

5) Receiving Gifts

Definitely shocked this wasn’t higher! @Michael, don’t get it twisted, I love getting gifts hehe 😛 My favorite visual is of my man going into a store and thinking, “My girl would like this!” And really, small gifts are the best. Whether its picking up my favorite smoothie on his way home from work, getting me my favorite snacks when I’m feeling down, or grabbing me a pair of earrings he thinks would look cute on me.


Ft. Michael

Emily and I have taken this quiz before, but my results this time are so different from last time. I think it’s because our lives are so different from when we first started dating. Emily is constantly traveling, and I believe that’s the reason quality time is my primary love language now. In the past year we have spent more time physically apart than ever, and when she shows up it’s not like life stops. So, the most valuable thing to me is if I can have a day with Emily to just enjoy each other’s company. Before, words of affirmations were my number one so no surprise it’s my number two now. Acts of service are the supporters to those words I value so much. I will not comment on physical touch lol. And who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift!

Taking this quiz again made realize how important it is to know what you enjoy about your relationship. If you know what you enjoy, then you are able to communicate that to your partner. Relationships often get to a comfort zone and taking the quiz is almost a wake-up call for what you want more out of relationship. At least that’s how I saw it this time. For example, right now I am in a Starbucks with Emily after a day at Universal Studios and taking the quiz had me appreciate that I got to have Emily for a whole day without her work taking away her attention. It’s rare and I appreciate it. Love you Emily.

– Michael

And that’s all folks! Please let me know what is your Love Language! See you next Sunday xoxo



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