Micro Pig Cafe in Harajuku

The new, and only, Harajuku micro pig cafe: MiPig Cafe!

Harajuku – the alley of whimsical desserts, definitive street fashion, and cute animal cafes! This is the perfect “first spot” to visit to introduce you to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo – a small street, but packed with all the Japanese wonders.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThough the cute Shiba Inu corners and owl cafes were certainly enticing, I knew they were just really cute tourist traps. I chose to just save my money and sadly skip the animal cafes.

Until, I saw a dark side street.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd stepped into the fairytale of the Three Little Pigs!! How can I say no to a MICRO pig cafe?! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOkay, some quick notes before we get into the cute piggie spam (HEHE pun not intended):

Okay, now enjoy these snaps of adorable porkers!! I die of cuteness every time I see their little tails and squished faces!!

I loved this piggie – he/she was extra tiny ❤

Can you tell my dad was having a blast??? I’m so happy Michael got these pictures.IMG_6042 2
IMG_6039The pigs like warm places – that’s why they give you blankets to put in your laps. I think they liked my scarf too. But I prefer to think the pigs gravitated towards me because I am born in the year of the pig. Kind of like in Fruits Baskets, the classic zodiac anime.

Now how precious are these two sleeping piggies…I didn’t dare move the entire time – my legs fell completely asleep by the time we were finished.IMG_6016 2IMG_6015 2

IMG_5997 2IMG_5951 2IMG_5941 2IMG_5883I absolutely recommend going to this micro pig cafe! A great 30 minutes spent with so many cute photos for memories.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious Japanese crepe – one of my favorite desserts. I get my sweet tooth from my dad!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this peek into the wonders of Harajuku!!IMG_6054 2IMG_3665 2Xo, Emily

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