Photodiary: PTO in Phoenix

Hi Friends!

Here is a brief photodiary of Michael and I’s weekend in Phoenix, Arizona! Enjoy, xo.

Papago Park

I’ve never been to Arizona before. There is so much beauty in the still cacti and plants that found life in the desert.

Hole In A Rock

Papago Park is known for its “Hole In A Rock” – you climb up this mountain to find a gaping hole that frames a picturesque view of the botanical lands.

As much as I love my beaches – there’s something about mountains. They are so beautiful, God must have carved them.

Papago Pond

In the middle of the desert, there is the huge pond with a mirage reflection. It is so peaceful, almost hypnotizing, to look at. The many trees remind me of Jurassic Park!

Taco Night

It was SO HOT in Phoenix during this week – actually it was record heat, the hottest Arizona summer since 1895! We spent most of the days escaping the heat and cooking in our AirBnB.

This is our taco night spread 🙂 So yummy and so quick if you buy the guac/salsa/dressing!

I hope to go back to Arizona soon when it’s not so scorching to explore more of its beauty! Nonetheless, this was a GREAT getaway that is not far from San Diego (only ~5 hours drive). Thank you all for reading ❤


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