My First Gingerbread House!

Welcome to the North Pole!!! AKA, the side of some RANDOM AF street in Park City, UT

Michael and I spent Thanksgiving in Utah (blog post to come!) – and since everything was closed on Thanksgiving day, I decided to build not a gingerbread house but a gingerbread VILLAGE!!!

Btw – I do NOT recommend to build a village lol. Do just one. It takes forever to make. You have to build it, then let it set in the fridge, then meticulously decorate it. Now times that by eight lol. I began to run out of decorating ideas by the time I finished the 4th house.

And since I took the time to build them, I thought it would be super cute to bury the homes in the snow to make them look like an actual village! We pulled over on the side of a random Utah road where a bush was covered in snow. People were DEFINITELY looking at us like wtf but hey, the photos turned out adorable, right????

It seems easy enough to get the photo, but it was painfully cold >.< We had to punch the snow to make it look more powdery, break off large chunks of ice to build the foundation, carve out precise burrows to nestle the houses, and then shovel snow just enough to cover the bases. My fingers (even though I was wearing gloves) were starting to freeze – but I was really concerned about my toes lol. We were standing deep in snow and the snow was going straight through my Calvin Klein boots!! AND it was icy. At one point I fell and Michael pushed me the other way so I wouldn’t fall onto the houses LOL.

But here ya go!!

Let me know what you think! It was my first time building gingerbread houses 🙂

I love you all – have a safe and merry Christmas with your families and loved ones.


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