10 Marie Kondo Quotes To Help You Organize And Get The Right MINDSET

I previously read a good chunk of Marie Kondo’s famous The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and TBH I was NOT feeling it. I could easily sum up for you the singular piece of advice the book provides: Throw away EVERYTHING. Anything that “does not spark true joy.” Your lazy husband? Yup, him too. Especially him. LOL. She literally quotes as a positive testimony that a client divorced her husband after going through her Marie Kondo course.

Let me share with you one of my favorite memes, perhaps of all time.

I saw an edited version of this meme that adds, “But she thanks him first!!” LOL.

However, I gave the book another shot and second time around I will say it is an invaluable book! I had to change my expectations of the book. The book is not a guide – it doesn’t teach you much at all, so don’t expect detailed step-by-step how-tos or recipes for household cleaners. And surprise, there’s no grand secret that tells you why some people are more special and that’s why they get to have spick and span houses.

The book is more of a mirror – it tells you what you already know (the harsh truth) in a way that is really relatable and that motivates you to get it done. Let’s be honest. We all want to live in a pristine environment. And we’re not dumb, we know how to get it done. But, we keep putting it off or doing a half-ass job of organizing/cleaning, which deprives us of ever achieving complete organization and cleanliness.

If you don’t want to read the book, I will share with you its true basis. With this, I do believe you can change your situation. You must go through ALL your items (thank them before you throw them away) and clean/organize all your remaining items in one grand swoop – what she refers to as “a once in a lifetime special event.

Her book is full a lot of exaggerated statements that are funny because they’re so TRUE! You’ll say to yourself, “I feel revealed!” LOL. And other statements are really well-said, inspiring you to want to achieve the life-changing magic of a tidy life. I could pull a hundred “pinnable” quotes from her book, but here are 10 that resonated with me! I hope these quotes will inspire you and get you in the right mindset to be able to create the environment that you deserve!

P.S. The last two quotes are my fav 🙂

I do recommend everyone to read the book. It’s worth it! I can guarantee that every person will have a takeaway (at least one) that will inspire them.

As always, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I sincerely appreciate it!!



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