What I Wore In Utah // 5 Of My Winter Outfits!

Hi Ladies!

In terms of glam and fashion, it goes New York, LA, and then SALT LAKE CITY BABY! Yup. I bet you didn’t know that the random mountainous state of Utah is actually full of gorgeous women with massive homes and even more massive closets. These ladies go HARD! Don’t believe me? Please do yourself a favor and watch the RHOSLC – the newest franchise of the Real Housewives!! It’s so ridiculous…I LOVE IT.

I’m kind of obsessed with anything and anybody Utah. I get really excited. Michael put up with me and my diet coke and Mormon muffins, but he did draw the line and have to stop me at one point – when I was very close to getting myself some botox and fillers whilst we were in Utah LOL. But like, Utah is the South Korea of the United States when it comes to plastic surgery and beauty!!

And while I didn’t get any botox or fillers (next time), I did try to keep up with the housewives in my outfits. It was below freezing sooo my San Diego closet was limited against the snow lol but here it is! What I wore in Utah!! Five of my go-to winter outfits.

Unfortunately a lot of my clothing items are no longer available or no link available (NLA), but I’ve linked similar alternatives for you and also let you know where the originals are from. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading! Love you ❤

FYI: I wore my Calvin Klein Felda boots for all outfits (I mentioned them in my 2018 favorites. See! I really mean it when I say something is my favorite hehe). They’re NLA but here are a similar pair. And to keep warm, I wear a pair of tights underneath my leggings (I get tights from anywhere, Rite-aid, Target, Nordstrom Rack).

Outfit Details:

  • Faux Fur Vest With Hood (Zara Colombia, NLA)*
  • Black Structured Ribbed Long-Sleeve Mock Neck (Forever 21 Contemporary, NLA)
  • V-Seam Black Leggings (Aerie)*

Alternatives: Vest / Long-Sleeve / Leggings

Outfit Details:

  • Checkered Wool Cloak (Japan boutique, NLA)
  • Pink Scarf (San Francisco boutique, NLA)*
  • Lululemon Eggplant Turtleneck Long-Sleeve (Lululemon, NLA)*
  • Cotton Black Leggings (Aerie)*

Alternative: Cloak / Scarf / Turtleneck / Leggings

Outfit Details:

  • Reversible Quilted Vest (Japan boutique, NLA)*
  • Black Structured Ribbed Long-Sleeve Mock Neck (Forever 21 Contemporary, NLA)

Alternative: Vest / Scarf / Long-Sleeve

Outfit Details:

  • Hunter Green Raincoat Parka (Zara, NLA)
  • Cream Cowl Neck Sweater (Japan boutique, NLA)*
  • Burberry Scarf (Hungary boutique, NLA)*

Alternatives: Jacket / Sweater / Scarf

Outfit Details:

  • Black Puffer Jacket (Maralyn & Me @ Nordstrom, NLA)

Alternative: Jacket

*I tried to be transparent and asterisk’d the items that I remember were gifted to me! So actually I’m not big into shopping at all. I rarely buy clothes. So that’s why whenever I say I like something, Michael or his parents will end up buying it for me as a gift because they know I don’t tend to buy those sorts of things for myself hehe #grateful

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