DIY: Beach Jar Picture Frame

Please try this super quick, easy, and affordable DIY gift that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!


  • 1 glass jar (or any sized clear jar/vase you have on hand)
  • Sand (I used this decorative sand but you can also get sand from your local beach/desert! Just make sure the sand is fully dry before you put it in the jar, otherwise it will stick to the jar and not look as clean)
  • Sea Rocks & Seashells (Search and collect at local beach! I went for white rocks and brown toned seashells)
  • Beach Photo! (Print and cut to size that would fit in jar. I suggest to leave a white frame around the photo)


It couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Add sand to the base of the jar
  2. Top with rocks and seashells
  3. Trim photos to fit into the jar and neatly place them in!

And that’s it!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely Sunday!!

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