Meet Sheldon

Before we left Solvang, we went to Ostrich Land (literally just a mile or two outside of downtown Solvang) and fed ostriches and emus! Ostrich Land is this huuuge farm with all this land so the emus and ostriches can roam free. They were so cute!! It’s only $5 to enter and for an extra dollar they’ll give you a big bowl of food pellets so you can feed them! If they’re hungry, they’ll come up to you and (semi-aggressively) peck at your bowl to feed!

It was such a cute experience! It is also kid and dog friendly!

As for souvenirs, you can buy cute emu/ostrich plushies, jerky, or an egg!! Please meet mine and Michael’s egg child – Sheldon! (“Shell-don” ) We got him for $40 from good ol’ Ostrich Land!! He is an emu egg!

The emu egg was so big and heavy, like a dinosaur egg! Btw that is a Costco Grade AA Large egg for size reference!

Our first mission was to get Sheldon safely home on the four hour journey ride home. We almost left him in our Santa Barbara hotel fridge!! We literally had already checked out and started walking to our car to leave when we remembered and ran back before the cleaning crew threw him away (such terrible egg parents).

Our next mission was to cook young Sheldon, sunny-side up style, WITHOUT breaking the yolk….of course, the yolk broke LOL. But still it was tasty!

We put what had turned into an egg soufflé over leftover ramen and it was good! Only regret was not using a bigger pan so that the egg could have spread more and not be so thick (thick egg whites is not good LOL).

But thank you for reading this quick post and see you next Sunday!!

Em and the cutie emus

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