@Ladies, Please Try This App!

Hi Ladies,

I have just started using the Flo app – this is the first period tracker app I’ve ever used and though I’ve only used it briefly, so far it is right on the money!

I have always had an irregular period. In middle/high school, I remember there were times where I would go months, even a year, without my period! As I got older, it stabilized a little but its still irregular enough to where I don’t know when to expect my period or how long it’ll be. I basically am ready for my period 2.5 weeks out of the month LOL, always wearing black leggings in case I’d ruin my jeans with an unexpected or extra long flow! I also don’t track my period. Every time I go to the doctor’s and they ask me when my last period started – I just make it up >.>

But after logging my period for just one month, it told me when my next flow was coming with 100% accuracy! This would have been so helpful in those dance days where I’d be so nervous wearing a leotard. I’d have phantom periods (if that’s a thing) and feel like there was blood, or I’d always run my hand on my backside or ask my girlfriend to check for me. But now I feel much more comfortable and FREE! I’ve also logged my symptoms so maybe I will be able to find a pattern (i.e. major cramps on Day 2) so that I can be aware and preventative.

Also, a lot of great information is available on the app from various doctors and specialists, and though I haven’t read it much yet myself, it seems really well put-together and certainly very educational. You also get curated messages sent directly to you from their Health Assistant.

And lastly, now that I better when I can expect my period, I can also know if something may be off with my body (i.e. stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance) if I don’t get my period as planned. I thought I would share this as I think you will find it very handy – please take the minute or two to download it!


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