My Starbucks Order (& More!)

Hi Friends!

Today I thought it would be fun to share my favorite, tried and true, order-all-the-time – FAST FOOD ORDERS 🙂 I love eating food and also talking about it hehe.

If there is anything I should try, please let me know!! Bonus: Michael shares his fav orders too!

My Starbucks Order:

Ya girl loves starbies. I also like Peet’s coffee but Starbucks is so convenient with all their locations and their rewards/apps is the BEST. I get matcha lattes about 2x+ a week! The Starbucks matcha does not taste like authentic japanese matcha, but I might like it better because of that! It is very easy to drink. Please note it is automatically sweetened.

My Chipotle Order

This was my high school ADDICTION – I used to split a Chipotle bowl with Michelle almost every week!! Protip: You can ask for extra everything for free (except meat)! 

My McDonalds Order

Ah, micky dees…I love it. I know that’s so bad to say, but I really do. I don’t get it too often anymore (mainly on roadtrips), but micky dees used to be MY JAM growing up. I usually get:

My In-N-Out Order

You can’t beat In-n-Out. It’s so good and so affordable. And I think In-n-Out is wayyyy better than Shake Shack – how is it even a debate??

My Poki Bowl Order

This is a socal staple! Poki spots are popping up everywhere nowadays. I was hesitant to try poki for a long time (seemed like too much raw fish), but please try it! It is very delicious, relatively healthy, and filling.

& If you want to see Michael’s favs, read on!!

My Starbucks Order

I used to work at Starbucks for around 2 or 3 years. So I tried many of their drinks. Honestly, it’s all sugar BUT man they have some good sugar. What is better than sugar? SALT! That’s why my favorite drink is the Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Latte when it comes out during winter (giving me summer sadness). Fun Fact, you can technically get that drink all year round but without the salt but we are all here for that salt. So, thank you but no thank you. All this to say my go to drink is black coffee with 2 stevia packs. My go to latte is the Cinnamon dolce latte.

My Chipotle Order

I never really went to Chipotle, but the few times I have gone I get the same thing. 

My McDonalds Order

McDonalds is probably my biggest guilty pleasure. When I go there is no thought of being healthy, just happy.

My In-N-Out Order

In-N-Out is tried and true. It is hands down the best and I believe many people agree.

My Poki Bowl Order

Poki is that luxury item. Wanna be hip and cool but on a budget on a first date; Poki.

Cover photo is taken from the Excelsior Cafe in right next to my apartment in Japan!

5 responses to “My Starbucks Order (& More!)”

  1. I’ve never heard of In-and-Out. The last time I had a Poke Bowl I was out on Long Island with my sister and I ordered one. It came in a huge “sundae” dish. The bottom had some sort of noodles and then some other ingredients but half of the whole glass was tuna. I ate so much I haven’t been able to eat one ever since!


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