Happy New Year, 2023! My New Years Resolutions

Wow wow it’s been a while!~~ I hope everyone had an amazing 2022 and a year full of blessings. It’s seriously scary how fast the year went by — January 1st truly crept up on me by surprise and as I type this now I still am a bit dumbfounded how another year has already passed. But! I am also so eager for all of the beautiful life that is to come in 2023.

I have many plans for 2023 that I am looking forward to so I hope you all also have some things you are excited for in this coming year (I’m curious and would love to hear~)! Here are some of my resolutions for 2023 — I know every year they always are some version of the same thing, but I still feel very invigorated by them with each January 1st so I hope you guys don’t mind reading these familiar resolutions.

// 2022 was the year of the bangs (I did love them though) & 2023 will be the year of various stages of growing them out haha //

+ Wake up EARLY. Let’s make this concrete – aim for 6:30AM but wake up no later than 7AM every week day unless I was out/up late the prior night due to extraneous reasons. Less phone and more books/bible at night. And no phones in the morning until I get out of bed and have at least brushed my teeth — geez! Lol.

+ Health is Wealth. I want to exercise at least 3x a week and start going on more walks! More movement and more outdoors. We used to do lots of walks all over SD especially on the weekends, but this year was just so hectic that this took a backseat so I would love to get back out there! Taitai and Meelo included 🙂

+ Up my Financial Savviness. I think I’ve always been pretty scrappy when it comes to money but this year I want to be more intentional. Save lots of money but also spend it on things that matter — i.e. trips, experiences, larger ticket items. Set explicit targets to save and then set aside budgets to spend!

+ Better Time Management. While it’s a good problem to have so many things to do, I want to get better at managing my time! The list never ends, especially when it comes to those little things. So I want to start prioritizing and tackling those larger and more meaningful to-dos, and think of a system that works for me when it comes to those little items. Let me know if you have any tips!

+ Bring the Blog Back!! Is Instagram dying? Or am I the only one who finds it unbearably boring as of late — everyone posts the same ish (and its all disgustingly materialistic or self-centered) and I find little to no value in it now (as a user/consumer). If you’ve known me for a while then you know I’ve always loved to capture moments and blog (even since middle school) and that it makes me really happy. So why in the world would I let myself stop? Let’s bring it back. More on this comeback in a future post.

Let me know some of your new years resolutions!

Cheers to 2023!

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