DIY Magnets!

Today I have a quick arts & crafts project to share with all of you! My dad had gotten these souvenirs from Alaska — street signs with mine, his, and my boyfriend’s name on them. I thought it would be nice to create magnets out of them so they can be showcased on the fridge instead of being stuffed away somewhere.

Turns out it was even easier than I imagined — you just need to do buy magnets (which are only a couple of bucks) and you’re ready to go! It’s such a simple craft and now I’m wondering what else I can create magnets out of hehe 🙂

What You Need

+ Magnets – I got this small pack of strip magnets from Hobby Lobby. Here are similar strips from Amazon. There are other shapes/sizes including circle and square magnets too
+ Your Magnet To-Be Item — in my case, the Alaska street signs!

You don’t even need glue — the magnets have self-adhesive on the back! If you wanted an extra strong hold, you could use super glue or a hot glue gun but definitely not necessary if you’re attaching something lightweight.

Put It Together!

It’s as simple as it looks! First prep the placement of the magnets. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, peel off the stickers from the back and stick the magnets on! And ta-da, you went from having a blah object to a snazzy magnet!!

I think this is a great rainy day craft to upcycle your items and it’s a great activity for kids! Let me know if this inspires you to make some magnets 😀

Happy crafting,

On the fridge!

P.S. I would have peeled off the price tags on the back of the street signs before putting on the magnets, but the tags were really hard to peel off and I didn’t have my goo gone with me so let’s just ignore the ugly price codes. Can’t see them anyways once the magnet is on the fridge 🙂

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