A Day With Mr. Nguyen at Padres FanFest!

Happy Friday everybody! This past weekend my dad and I were able to go to the Padres FanFest 2023 at Petco Park! My dad is a true All-American dad and if there’s 2 things my dad loves, it’s sports and beer.

Last season was a great season for the Padres (& we were lucky enough to go to quite a few games!) and everyone has high expectations for this upcoming season so the FanFest was PACKED. At some areas of the stadium I felt like I was back in Japan — floods of people unable to walk because it’s just so crowded!!

But it’s always a good time at Petco Park and it’s a really good time to be a Padres fan. Wishing the Padres all the luck in this upcoming season!!

Here’s some pics of my dad & I at Fanfest for memories safekeeping~

The Coaster happened to be free that day (in commemoration of Rosa Parks) and it was the first time riding it for the both of us! We got our steps in that day because the Coaster doesn’t drop you off at Gaslamp so we had to walk a couple of miles but walking in downtown is always so nice 🙂 Here’s my dad being my dad and chatting it up with fellow padres fans lol.

My dad actually does a lot of installation work at Petco Park so every time I go to the stadium he loves taking me on a tour and pointing out all the stuff that he’s done lol. Here’s him with one of the signs he helped put up:

After hitting up some of the padres “garage sales,” we had Grand Ole BBQ which my dad has been wanting to try. It was delicious! And of course, my dad’s gotta have a beer when at the stadium!

The field was open for everyone to come on down and hang out — such a cool experience!

And you could walk the bases. Here’s my dad at 1st base going for a “steal.”

Made it past 2nd base~

And here’s me on 3rd!

There were a bunch of sports celebs in and around the stadium (including the Padres themselves) and my dad got to meet Coach John Kentera! He was SOOO nice!!

While I didn’t get to meet Musgrove or Kim, I DID get to meet…the Padres doggos!!! This was my favorite part of Fanfest!!! They even had a Padres puppy T_T They were the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever met. Sooooooo cute.

Hope you all enjoyed this bonus blog post and see you on Sunday!!

Love ya,

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