Taitai Takeover: Solvang

hai guyz, it me — taitai 🐾

my jiejie took me on a trip and i had so much funz so i wants to share my cute pics wid u. hope u like it and hope u get lots of chimken today.

im a pro at car ridez so road tripz are a breeze for me
not even 15m into the drive and we doing a pitstop for me to go pee 🙂
took lotz of napz – i like the air conditioning right in my face!
then we made it to santa barbaraz
the streetz were blocked off so i was allowed to walk in da road!
we went to the pierz
then to the missionz
then to loz olivoz
and solvangz too
herez one of my fake poo breakz where i pretend like im going to poo for 15m but i dont actually
herez my mom being rude and not sharing breakfast w me
herez me trying to sneak a piece of cheez from dad when hez not lookin
herez dad pretending to giv me wine – i was not amused
and herez dinnerz where sister didnt let me try any of the pea soupz – can you believe her!
jiejie has hotel statuz but they gave ME a doggie bowl and treatz bc I’M the star~
i got to run all around the hotel. i LOVED it
i saw horsez on the trip but i didnt carez
saw emuz too but still didnt carez
and we saw lotz of doggoz everywherez but jiejie sayz i was the cutest
i was best behaved doggo #1 during this trip
herez me doing my best good boi pose – how do u like it?
herez me smilin with my teef!
hope u liked my blog takeoverz!
seez u next time!

thx 4 reading my jiejies blog — plz keep coming back and use her affiliate links too so she can buy me more chimkens~

🐾 taitai

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