Turning 23


Twenty three.

I consider it an age of limbo – kind of like those pre-teen years.

Childhood is well in the past – too grown to be making little girl mistakes. Maybe too old to be still asking my parents for stuff.

Clearly a full-fledged adult but too young to really know what I’m doing, yet still feeling the pressure of needing to have all my ish together. I still don’t know where I am going in life – zero idea – wasn’t I supposed to already have this figured out by now?

It’s an odd age, but it’s all part of the journey that I am really starting to appreciate.┬áThis year is the Year of the Pig (Happy Late Chinese New Year!) which actually happens to be my year! I don’t necessarily believe in this sort of stuff, but it is always fun to follow and learn about. I do, however, feel that this year will be my year. So many great things have already happened, I’ve met so many amazing humans, and the year has barely started. Twenty three may actually be the age to remember.

Cheers to 23,