Turning 25: Quarter-Century Life Crisis

The other week I was in this call and we had to share something we were reading or listening to. For my turn, I said: “I turn 25 next month and as I undergo my quarter-century life crisis, I have been listening to ‘Adulting Like A MotherFather‘”

The 40-somethin’ lady partners replied, “…I’m taking notes. I didn’t know a quarter-century life crisis was a thing.” LOLOLOL

It most definitely is a thing!! Do you relate??? Or am I the only one…

Life Thoughts

If you don’t relate, then I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly does this quarter-century life crisis entail? Well, everything. Here is just a little, candid peak into my “beautiful mind”:

  • Work…ugh. I’ve already been at my current job for 2+ years and am no longer “new.” I think I’m kind of good at my job??? But, then again, it’s not good enough to be just “good” at my firm. It’s not even good enough to be “really good”!! It’s a cutthroat place where you’re told to always push yourself and exceed others and develop this and lead that…it gets to a point where I actually feel like I am “not good enough.
  • Money. I think I have a fairly healthy relationship with money, but also my parents don’t or never have had much and so I’ve always wanted to be able to give back more and more. To support that, I’ve always wanted to make more and more. Maybe my views of money are not so healthy.
  • Love. I used to think I wanted to get married young (like 23/24) and be hip young parents (26/27). Well, I’m freakin’ 25 and definitely do NOT want a little human anytime soon. I think a fairly normal age to have kids is 30, but even that seems too soon…only 5 more years of full independence? I wish I could have more time to be a child before I have to take care of one.
  • Religion. I always strive to be “good with the Lord” (sorry, I’ve never been good at talking about this stuff). I am definitely lacking, so I always want need to do better and be better. To fail at this, above all else, would simply crush me.
  • Lastly, I hate to be morbid, but death. Two friends of mine have passed away. Parents of my friends are passing away. My family will one day pass away. And you and I, one day, will have to breathe our last breath. Whether it’s due to an accident, an illness or cancer, suicide, natural disaster, COVID…life is so fragile and it really saddens me.

Maybe it is not death, but growing old, that saddens me. I remember in 9th grade we had to write these “House On Mango Street”-inspired vignettes and Gianna H. wrote one that I always think back to. Something along the lines of, “The framed pictures on the mantel gathered dust. And suddenly, I noticed my parents’ hair turning gray.” Time really is our most precious resource. Where has all the time gone?

I remember when I was a kid and all I wanted to do was grow up.

I remember being a high schooler like it was yesterday, and I had no worries beyond whether the cute guy will text me back.

Then I turned 23 and though I was clearly an adult, I was still young enough to get by with excuses.

And now I’m 25. I’m way past “young adult” and “the future” I’ve always feared is closer than ever.

But! One of the best parts of life is growing and learning. When you finally make the decisions for a better you.

To be honest, I’ve beennnnn having this quarter-century life crisis since I turned 23!! 23 was actually GREAT but I did spend a lot of time thinking about all of this. At 24, I shifted and started putting thoughts towards, “OK, what CAN I do about it??

And for 25, I’m finally READY to take the steps that will improve me, make me more prepared for the future (or as prepared as I can be), and finally get me out of this quarter-century life crisis. To taking control of my career, to taking steps towards financial stability, to becoming a better partner, to getting closer to the Lord, and to not fear death but to live life.

Thank you everyone for shaping me into who I am today – I have lived one heck of a life and have 25 years of the most amazing, beautiful memories.

I no longer fear the future and instead, I cannot WAIT to see what life has in store for me!

Cheers to 25,

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