Thank You, 2021

Hi Friends!

Long time no talk! I am so excited to recommit to my blog this year and am thrilled to kick it off with my favorite annual “Thank you, 20XX” series (If you want to read my last year’s post:Thank You, 2020).

2020 was a real weird year for everybody…but it’s only up from there! I think with everything going on (and the seemingly neverending ‘rona rollercoaster ride), the fortunate aspect is that we learnt a lot from 2021 – we’ve had a lot more time to just be by ourselves and reflect on what is truly important, to focus on the things we are grateful for instead of what we may not have, and to be more true to our authentic selves. And as things slowly resume back to normal, I am happy that we will have these meaningful lessons with us to carry into 2022!

+ Turning 25
I turned 25 this year (ahhhh still not over this >.<) and definitely had a “quarter-life century crisis” (I talk more about ithere). And especially with turning 25 during a pandemic, it’s really hard NOT to have existential thoughts!! But I think the best approach is to flip the mindset and look forward to the aspects of this next chapter of my life I am really excited for – late twenties (hello prime years), let’s go!

+ Work
I turned three years old at my work this year! (//ehh wowza can’t believe it’s been that long but also it feels like it’s been forever lol). I would say this year…was defining for my career in the personal sense. As in, I am learning to set boundaries, I better understand what I want out of my relationship with work (my second boyfriend), and I am starting to put. me. first. (without sacrificing the quality of the work I am responsible for blah blah blah). And I feel so good about it. I was worried there would be a lot of guilt with all of this (and sometimes, more like a lot of the times, I do feel anxious about it since it is so different from how I’m been wired to approach work these past few years), but I have such an awesome support group – people inside and outside of work who fully support me making decisions that make me happy.

+ Travel Highlights

I only hope that in 2022 I can go back to Japan 😀

Last but not least, this year I spent a lot more time being more active in my relationship with God. After watching the online sermons during the pandemic for a year, Michael and I went in-person to the church for the very first time on Easter and we gotre-baptized – we LOVE our new church! Michael and I serve on the kids ministry. I really enjoy our pastor’s messages – if you want to go with me to a service in 2022, let me know! (They also have virtual recordings if you want to watch!)

And that’s a wrap! ’21 is over. Thank you, 2021, and happy 2022 everybody!!


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