2022 Resolutions (Mine & Michael’s!)

Hi Friends!

I LOVE setting resolutions in the new year! I have so much fun planning my resolutions, blissfully ignoring the likelihood that I probably won’t see them through 🙂 Usually my resolutions are always pretty similar, the standard yennow wake up earlier, work out more, save money etc (all three of which I also/always want to do) but this year I feel a bit different! What are some of your resolutions?? I’d love to know!

My 2022 Resolutions

Dang after writing and re-reading this, I feel like this post is just me talking about the many flaws I have lmao. Too lazy to rewrite and flip this into more of a “positive spin” so oh well lol.

Read on to see what Michael’s 2022 resolutions are!

Michael’s 2022 Resolutions

Thank you for reading!!
Emily & Michael

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