2022 Resolutions (Mine & Michael’s!)

Hi Friends!

I LOVE setting resolutions in the new year! I have so much fun planning my resolutions, blissfully ignoring the likelihood that I probably won’t see them through ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually my resolutions are always pretty similar, the standard yennow wake up earlier, work out more, save money etc (all three of which I also/always want to do) but this year I feel a bit different! What are some of your resolutions?? I’d love to know!

My 2022 Resolutions
  • Use My Phone Less – First things first, y’all, I am horrified at how much time I waste away on my phone. It’s so bad! Just mindlessly scrolling through cute dog videos on instagram or watching Naomi Campbell videos on youtube late into the night lol. I could be so much more productive or be sleeping earlier!! Tactically, I am going to stop bringing my phone to the bathroom (hehe) and I am going to stop using my phone when I first wake up and before I go to bed ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Put Myself First Before Work – I mentioned in my Thank You, 2021 post that I have been better at putting me first when it comes to work, but for 2022 I want to improve this balance even more! I always address work stuff before my own need-to-dos, and I really hate that I put everything else in front of things that I want to do! I am looking forward to crossing things off my personal list that I have been wanting to do for years. And when it comes to within the workspace, I want to continue taking a firmer stand on focusing on and growing in the things that I personally want to do.
  • Start Today! – I have a general tendency to ignore my personal piles of stuff. And then I’ll just keep delaying to the point where I either never get to it or it’s too late >.< I always say “oh maybe I’ll wait until xxx” or “first I need to do yyy” or “how about I start later.” Like…what am I waiting for?? The best time to start is today!! Instead of continually pushing things off, when I need or want to do something (whether it’s small or large), I want to get it done (or at least get it going) that same day. I’ve used up all the “I’ll do it later” excuses, so later is NOW!
  • Optimize The Weekends – Michael and I used to go on long walks or cafe dates every weekend, but in 2021 not so much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I want to work on redeeming our weekends! To do so, will need to start earlier on the weekends (I tend to lounge in bed on the weekends) and try to do all my work/errands/etc throughout the week so that my weekends are free for hanging out with the beau and family, going to or serving at church and church events, and hopefully a little more time for me to do things I enjoy like exploring and blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Document More! – I have so many memory chips of years of photos I have never even looked at! I want to crack those babies open and revisit all of my cherished memories! So sorry not sorry if you start seeing lots of throwback thursdays ๐Ÿ™‚ I also want to capture new memories – but with my actual cameras! Am I the only one getting really over iPhone photos lol? And I also have this itch for youtube?? I posted three videos this year and it was so fun and fulfilling! If you have any video ideas or things you’d like me to vlog, let me know!
  • Don’t Let ‘Em See You Sweat – Lastly, I’m taking notes from my girl, Rihanna. I easily get overwhelmed, and for so many obvious reasons I really want to learn to be more zen! Especially at work, I want to challenge myself to not get stressed out over work or others. I want to do my best to prevent myself from getting into those stressful positions. Be proactive, take things step by step, and have a more positive attitude!

Dang after writing and re-reading this, I feel like this post is just me talking about the many flaws I have lmao. Too lazy to rewrite and flip this into more of a “positive spin” so oh well lol.

Read on to see what Michael’s 2022 resolutions are!

Michael’s 2022 Resolutions
  • Read More – My goal is to read one book (maybe two) a month, or at least read fiften minutes each day. I tell my students to read every day and I believe you should always lead by example. Plus, reading would help my overall wellness!
  • Write More – I want to write in my journal every single day (doing good so far). I used to do this thing called โ€˜HW for Lifeโ€™ where you write a storyworthy moment everyday and I want to start that up again because there are many moments in my life I want to be able to look back on that I would otherwise would have forgotten. I also want to do journal exercises (for mental clarity or goal setting) once a month. I am always on the hunt to improve myself and I think it is finally time to take the plunge of journaling after seeing how it has helped so many people I admire.
  • Video More– This year I really want to make one video a week. I want to become a better story teller and I think videos would be the best way to achieve that goal. It is fun and exciting for me. Plus, I get to capture moments for the future too.
  • Cook More – I would love to learn to make one new dish every month (I want to learn to cook Colombian food more than anything). Cooking is therapeutic for me. I typically can only focus on one thing at a time and when I cook it is enjoyable to focus on that. The best part is that once you have cooked a dish enough times, you can always have it as a go-to meal. I want to get to a point where I go, โ€œI am in the mood for [โ€”โ€”]โ€ and I want to be able to do that with the food I grew up on, Colombian food.
  • Watch More – I want to watch one critically claimed movie every other week. Movies are a way to connect with people. One time I saw Full Metal Jacket on a plane and it was visceral experience because my grandpa fought in the Vietnam War. I talked to my grandpa about this and it was something we were able to bond over. I think about that moment to this day. I want to do that with other people too.ย 
  • Work Out More – I am going to get in the best shape I have ever been in! I was totally inspired by Will Smith’s latest health journey. And while we’re at it, another resolution is to walk Meelo one mile a week. Meelo is more of a free range dog who can be found walking around my neighborhood leashless. That is great and all but I want him to get more exercise that I do not think free range exploring provides!
  • More God – I want to go deeper into the Bible and read it fifteeen minutes a day, or at least one hour a week. Having a relationship with God requires you to know God better. I want to know God better to deepen my relationship with him. I would also love to get more involved with this program at my church that does missions to help an orphanage in Mexico. I have this internal feeling that I am meant to do this. I was giving this amazing gift to speak Spanish because of the family I grew up with. Now that gift can be used to bless others. We are here to serve, not be served.

Thank you for reading!!
Emily & Michael

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