How I Made $1000 Selling Random AF Stuff I Already Owned!

During COVID, as part of my Marie Kondo kick, I felt it was time to part with a lot of my belongings but ya girl is lowkey a hoarder – I did NOT want to get rid of anything! I’m super sentimental so I am pathetically attached to things – like ‘omg I used to LOVE this shirt and wore it all the time! -cries-‘ Or I’m unnecessarily functional and would justify useful items, like ‘I could see myself needing this again on x occasion.’ Or, and most likely, I’m just a big cheapo and couldn’t bear to part with things I spent good money on! LOL

If you’re anything like me, then selling items is the coping mechanism for you!! It has alleviated so much of the anxiety and guilt that comes with giving away things, and it has even made me EXCITED to give away things knowing that I can make a little cash while also clearing up my space! And since you’ll need to post listing photos, you’ll have lots of pictures of your items! (Which helps with letting go of sentimental goods)

I spent a LOT of time trying to figure out how exactly to sell online. I had no idea how to start – “What service do I use to ship the items?” “Where do I get packing supplies?” “How do I know how much is shipping?” etc. It can be a little overwhelming, especially for someone who has never shipped something before. So, I’ve put together a couple tips that I hope can help you get started! You can use whatever site (ie Poshmark, DePop) – personally, I use Mercari.

I’ve made over $1000 selling the most random AF whozits and whatzits and here’s how!

If you use my link to sign up with Mercari, we both earn some bonus $$!

+ My Supplies

  • Poly Mailers (10 x 13 is what I use for 98% of my sales. I have a few 24 x 24s for larger items)
  • Clear Gift Bags (Optional, but for nicer packaging I like to put my items into a cellophane bag before I put them into the Poly Mailer. I buy these packs from Daiso for $1.50!)
  • Bubble Wrap (I save the bubble wrap I get from my Amazon/shopping packages)
  • Postal Scale (I debated this for a long time but just get it! It takes the guessing out of the game. Eventually you’ll get a feel for how much things weigh but at the beginning this is really helpful)

+ Charge Shipping
At first I used to offer “Free Shipping” because I thought it would help with sales. And while that may be true, I’ve had no issue selling items while charging shipping. Definitely just charge shipping, for several reasons:

  • Most people don’t mind if they have to pay for shipping – they get it’s a required cost
  • If people do want free shipping, you can negotiate a deal! i.e. Offer free shipping only if they bundle by buying more than one item
  • People will try to haggle and it’ll eat up your margin. For example if you list an item for $8, sometimes people will try to counter and say $6. But after fees and the “free shipping” (which isn’t actually free, because you’re the one paying it), you’ll barely make a $1. Versus if you charge for shipping, you don’t have to worry about people haggling because you’ll have guaranteed yourself to always make at least ~$5 (that is the minimum price for most selling sites)

+ Use Discounted Shipping
Just use the offered shipping through the app. It’s the most convenient and they usually have special, negotiated shipping rates. For example, if you get the shipping label from your selling site, it will usually end up saving you ~50 cents compared to if you got your shipping label directly from USPS!

+ Get A White Blanket
Personally, I think the best and easiest backdrop for your selling photos is a white blanket or duvet! If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one for cheap from ie Ross/Marshall’s

+ People Will Buy Anything
Don’t let the “Oh, well I don’t really have anything that people would want to buy” thought stop you!! I don’t have designer goods or any name brand fancy things to sell. But honestly, I’ve found that people will buy anything and everything!! Here are just some examples of RANDOM AF things I have sold:

  • OLD AF keyboard, like from 10 years ago
  • Freebies – Sell the complimentary gifts that are added to your packages (Ex: Free costmetics bag with makeup order)
  • Merchandise Bags/Boxes – Ex: Empty iPhone box
  • Michael’s old Yugioh cards LOL
  • Even my old bras! I was hesitant at first (kinda weird to sell your bras) but then I realized…bras are expensive!!! There are tons of females you can help by giving them more affordable bra options!

Like literally, just go through your closet and drawers and nooks and crannies!! I guarantee you’ll have things that people will buy!! (Even if you may think no one will buy it!)

+ Sell Remaining Polymailers
Adding onto my previous point, people will buy ANYTHING – including poly mailers LOL!! I only needed a few large poly mailers, but poly mailers normally come in packs of hundreds. And so, I just sold off the excess! It’s perfect. It’s a selling site so people are looking to buy poly mailers anyway to ship their own items! I pretty much made back my money on the poly mailers

Well, I hope this has inspired you to try selling your old items! It’s basically passive income, since you really don’t have to do much and its already things you own~~ You just snap a couple photos, let it sit for sale, and then one day you’ll get a notification that you made a sale! It’s awesome 😊 I usually give most of the proceeds to my parents, but it’s always nice to have a little extra cash!

Context: I sold my first item in September! So I’ve made $1000 over the course of 8 months with very little effort required! If you really tried, I’m sure you could do even more!

Thanks for reading!

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