What I Recently Bought On Amazon!

Hi Friends!

Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent Amazon purchases with you! I am curious to know what you all purchase on Amazon!!

I am one of those people who prefers to shop in-person, but Amazon is really great for those unique items that are a bit harder to find. As a result, you’ll see that my list is a little RANDOM lol. Here it is:

GABO Spam Musubi Maker

Michael and I like to make spam musubi – it’s spam sushi and I have a recipe post coming soon 🙂 And while we have been just fine using the metal can as the mold, we make it often enough that it justifies us getting a musubi maker! This makes the process much easier and speedier so we can make even more!

(Link – $8)

SHISEIDO Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

I bought and used this hair mask in Japan and the results are AWESOME!! I use it just like conditioner on days when I feel like having nice hair! My hair will be completely detangled and so soft! I should have bought more in Japan because it was only $8 there, but it’s awesome that it’s available on Amazon!

(Link – $14)

AVARELLE Acne Pimple Patch

Michael and I have already gone through 4+ packs of these. I love these! I felt that my hormonal zits in the chin area were getting irritated by the abrasions from wearing masks, so I originally bought these to provide a barrier! I’ve also found that my zits improve much faster when using these. They’re also very economical, so I expect these will be a staple in my cosmetics bag for a long time 🙂

(Link – $8)


It’s a well-known fact that I LOVE carrot juice. I used to always buy it at the store, until about a year ago when I started juicing them myself! (I use my KOIOS juicer that I also got from Amazon!) My dad buys a HUGE bag of carrots (like large garbage bag size) about every other month – for each bag, I’ll make about 3 batches of fresh carrot juice. So yes, I make a lot of carrot juice x)

Each time I make carrot juice, I greatly risk my fingers/hands – it’s a dangerous task!! You have to cleaver the carrots into long, skinny sticks to be able to go through the juicer more easily. And so began my search for a safer and quicker option to prepare my carrots…enter this vegetable chopper! It doesn’t make perfect slices, but it’s more than fine for juicing purposes! Preparing carrots still takes a bit of time, but this way is MUCH safer! I suppose there are other uses for this chopper, but I recommend it if you make a lot of carrot juice!

(Link – $10)

COSMER Orange Peeler

I also looove to make fresh orange juice for myself and others (it makes a cute little gift!). The juicer zips them up really quickly with lots of juice output! The only hard part is peeling the oranges…honestly, your fingers start to HURT (as if you have a splinter). It happens to me every time I make orange juice. One day when I was peeling oranges, my mom was like, “What’s wrong with you,” and i’m like, “My fingers hurt!!” And so she started peeling the oranges for me and then SURE ENOUGH she said her fingers were hurting too x)

I was in desperate need of something to help me peel oranges more easily x) I did lots of research and decided on these simple, but effective, orange peelers (which are modeled after the vintage Tupperware orange peelers). I’ve used them to peel Tangelos and they worked well! Tangelos are naturally easier to peel, so let me report back when I use it on those oranges with thick, tough peels!

(Link – $5)

HIC Wavy Crinkle Cutter

One of Michael and I’s go-to date nights is Thai food. We always get Pad See Ew as one of the dishes and I love how they always have crinkle cut carrots. I tried making my own Pad See Ew – it didn’t go well AT ALL (like it was bad, I ended up throwing it away), but at least I had crinkle cut carrots!! They were the best part of the dish x) The cutter slices through carrots very easily, even smoother than a regular knife!

(Link – $8)

SAFERELL Instant Read Meat Thermometer

I have been trying to learn new recipes and expand my cooking, so I got this meat thermometer! My dad also uses it. It works fine. You could find a cheaper one at Walmart. I like that it is magnetic so you can keep it on the fridge!

(Link – $19)

KNODEL Trunk Organizer

I think a girlfriend’s efforts to make her boyfriend a little cleaner/more organized is a never ending journey LOL. In an attempt to corral all the junk in Michael’s car, I got him this massive Trunk Organizer! Organization/storage things always give me such joy 🙂

His brother opened his trunk and was like, “WHAT?? I want one!” There are cheaper options, but this one is heavy and quality. I also like that it has an insulated section and it is collapsible if you only want to use 1 or 2 of the sections. And best of all, Michael’s trunk has been kept more tidy!

(Link – $36)

METRONIC Poly Mailers

In my spare time, I like to re-sell my items (See here for how I made an easy $1000!). I made enough sales that I needed to buy some more poly mailers! 🙂 I purchased the 100 pack, but you can get the 100 pack for l.

(Link – $13)

VFULIE M&H Reed Diffusers

I have a lot of old Bath & Body Works sprays laying around, but I almost never wear perfume. Instead, I thought a good way to use them up is by diffusing them! I poured the spray into a skinny vase I had, and stuck these reed diffusers in. It worked great! Once I run out of sprays, I will do a mixture with essential oils

(Link – $6)

HIBLUCO Ruffle Skirt

One of my fav skirts! I am wearing this skirt in this post’s photo! Super cute and comfy, and it is a good length (not too short). They have tons of different prints. I got the APRICOT color and I plan to buy some of their other prints! This is a great option if you’re looking for a cute new skirt but are too lazy to go to the mall!

(Link – $22)

Let me know some of your Amazon finds here! Have a great weekend everyone ❤


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