Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Yay, it’s February! Everybody’s favorite month~~ Hehe jk but it’s definitely my favorite month! What’s not to love about February??:

+ Valentine’s Day dinner and date
+ All the February sweets and treats
+ A long weekend with President’s Day
+ My birthday 🙂
+ Chinese New Year is usually in Feb
+ And it’s a short month!

To help the fellahs out there, here is a Valentine’s Day gift guide! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays — I just love the theme of it (pink, hearts, happiness, love) and I personally like the same in the gifts so you’ll see lots of overtly girly Valentine’s Day gifts, everything pink and hearts plastered all over, but I love it!

You can also reference this past gift guide or this one that I’ve made (which, I think, I did a great job with lol — they’re all still fantastic gifts!).

I hope this is helpful and thank you for reading!

+ Valentine’s Day Robe – Retrospectively, it’s funny to see the progression of my Valentine’s Day sleepwear suggestions. In 2020 I put sexy lingerie, in 2021 I did cute pajamas, to now in 2023 I am suggesting a comfy robe LOL. But I see the cutest fuzzy Valentine’s Day robes at i.e. Marshalls and HomeGoods for only $20 or so (I couldn’t find them online though so I linked a similar one) and I would want one myself to wear during chilly February!

+ Pink Phone Case – I drop my phone almost every day LOL and so my cases get jacked up (the phone is always protected though!). And I think a phone case is a perfect gift because it’s something they need and will use every day! Kate Spade has so many cute ones. They also have really cute Airpod cases — it was hard to choose! >.<

+ Hearts-Themed Kitchenware – How adorable is this mini Le Creuset!! You could build this gift up with other heart decorated kitchen items, such as this super cute heart olivewood spoon. I would feel happy every time I use these items 🙂

+ Jewelry, Of Course! – Jewelry is never a bad idea for Valentine’s Day! I recommend at least 14k gold jewelry — beautiful and high quality (but still affordable) so you can wear them forever (without turning green =o=). I personally like dainty ones that you can wear daily — elegant but subtle for everyday wear.

+ Makeup Palette – Makeup always makes a beautiful gift — so shimmery and the packaging often looks expensive. Just look at how pretty this Charlotte Tilburry blush and highlighter palette is!

+ Rose Gold Tumblr – For my fellow Starbies girlies, a rose gold cup to drink our daily matcha/coffee/chai out of would be a great gift! This limited edition holiday cup is super pretty to me.

+ Workout Jacket – Every girl loves cute workout clothes. This slim fitting pink workout jacket is the perfect pop of color that makes you happy to go workout because you’ll look super cute 🙂

+ Polaroid Camera – I’ve somehow accumulated I think 3 polaroid cameras thus far in life, and somehow Michael has taken them all LOL. But polaroid cameras are a great gift (as I’ve received 3, and Michael has taken 3) and there is nothing more precious than memories captured. Having that photo printed physically, and the fact that probably no one else will see that photo (as opposed to phone photos that are easily uploaded and shared) makes it that much more special.

+ Blush Pink Scarf – Blush pink is surprisingly a neutral color! I have a blush pink scarf that I bought years ago that I wear ALL the time. It goes with everything and I think gives your overall complexion a subtle blushing effect — all while keeping you warm!

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